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friendfukr's Journal

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The idea for the space came about when some friends discovered a bit of a mutual attraction, and wanted a space where we could share pics, speak openly, etc, without it being in some community of 500 folks or whatever, with everyone privy to the details...plus, there was the realization that there are several people on our friendslists whom we have an attraction to, and wouldn't mind getting to know better.

if you've been invited here, obviously you know one of us here aready, but as time goes by and the size of the group grows (though our intention is to keep it a fairly small and private circle of friends) not everyone will know each other at first, so introductory posts are a good idea. just a little "hello, this is who i am, blah blah blah..." doesn't have to be sexual necessarily (though that's not discouraged, of course)

the posts here have the potential for being explicitly sexual in nature, obviously, though there's no need to limit ourselves to just that aspect. there are a lot of things we don't talk about in our journals, that it would be nice to discuss, get out, share, etc. that being said, picture sharing is encouraged! one thing we all share is a weakness for the guys!

***Please note...if you were not invited by one of the members here, your application to join will be denied.****